Client Portal

Let Orsak Zidell & Robertson save you from that pile of paper. Upload electronic documents of any size safely and quickly!

Our Client Portal is an advanced web-based document sharing application that provides our clients, partners and associates with secure access for sharing files with the ability to upload, download, check-in, check-out and view files from anywhere a browser and an internet connection are available.

To take advantage of this convenience simply Request an Appointment with our IT Administration via our Contact Us page. You won't really be requesting an appointment though; by simply putting the work "portal" in the message area we will know how to help.

The email address specified for you on the Contact Us page will become the Client Administrator for you or your company and will receive an email with login particulars sent to the email address specified.

It may take up to one business day to create your portal, but during normal business hours it's usually done much sooner than that.

Click here to go right to the Contact Us page.

Access your files with our secure, online document sharing application. Click here to enter your username and password.